August 4, 2014

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Review [Updated]

What we have here is one of two bestselling skincare dupes from Missha. This toner, the Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, is a copy of SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. The other popular dupe is Missha’s Night Repair, which copies Estee Lauder. There very well may be more, but those are the only two that I know of. I can’t speak for everyone, but this toner did a lot of good to my skin!

This review is kindly sponsored by Honest Skin. Thank you Honest Skin!


Brand: Missha
Name: Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence
Amount: 150mL
Actual Weight: 410g
Price in Korea: 42,000KRW
Price on Honestskin: $44.85 (Use my discount code "P88FIHW163" for 5% off!)
saccharomyces ferment filtrate, propanediol, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, niacinamide, polyquaternium-51, bifida ferment lysate, amaranthus caudatus seed extract, raffinose, ulmus davidiana root extract, pentylene glycol, piper methysticum leaf/root/stem extract, glycerin, beta vulgaris (beet) root extract, hydrolyzed corn starch, centella asiatica extract, portulaca oleracea extract, phenoxyethanol, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, phellodendron amurense bark extract, cassia alata leaf extract, tromethamine, water, adenosine, ethylhexylglycerin, hydrogenated lecithin, acetic acid, lactic acid, sodium hyaluronate

It comes in a (somewhat) reflective box:

Information + Directions Closeup:

The bottle itself is quite large. It’s made of thick, sturdy glass:

Notice the expiration: 9 months!

The opening is but a hole:

It also included a small brochure, which I’ve scanned if you’re interested. The content seems quite fluffy (vitality! fision yeast! radiance!), but the product map can be enlightening in regards to Missha’s various product lines!

You can click to make it bigger.

It’s a clear liquid. And as odd as it sounds, it smells like ballpoint pen ink. I only notice it when I’m putting it right up to my nose, though.

The consistency is very thin. Think water:

I unfortunately don’t have any photos to show, BUT please hear me out, for I did take notes! FYI, I used this toner in the morning and at night. At night I applied it via lotion mask (soaking cotton pads and placing them on your face for 3 minutes.)

Summary: It brought my skin from slightly dry to normal. I was no longer dry and rough. My skin was softer and retained moisture much better. For details, read on!
  • Before: At the time of starting, my skin was slightly dry—no major flakes or anything, it just didn’t feel supple—and somewhat oily on my nose. Basically, it was a slight case of “oily on top but dry underneath.” My skin was a little rough.
  • First few days of using: The first morning, I woke up less oily than I typically do. Normally my face would be oily all over. After rinsing, though, my face went back to normal. By the second day, my skin withheld moisture throughout the day a little better. I was still dry overall, but the minor flaking around my eyebrow area wasn’t visible. And with each passing day, my skin became gradually softer—albeit, still rough, but I felt a small difference!
  • 1 week: About a week in, I realized the difference. My skin felt softer than before, and it actually retained moisture, as opposed to feeling greasy on top but dry underneath.
  • 1 week 1 day: My skin felt baby soft in the morning. The moisture of whatever lotions I applied could be felt immediately, and my skin remained soft and moist throughout the day. I was no longer dry; my skin felt “normal”!
  • 2-3 weeks: I will admit that my skin went a little downhill after that. Perhaps those couple days were a fluke? My skin was still soft and moisturized compared to before (I no longer had evidence of dryness), but it wasn’t quite baby soft. My nose even started getting a little oily. Overall, 2-3 weeks was simply maintaining the improvement.
  • Currently: Currently, my skin is extremely dry and irritated—not due to this product, but from others I recently tried. (This is actually the reason I don’t have before and after photos; my after photos are skewed by the irritation.) Anyways, at this degree of dryness and sensitivity, this toner has not been able to help much in terms of soothing and moisturizing.

  • Update #1 8/12/14:The irritation has blown over and my skin is no longer red or inflamed, and I'm happy to say that my skin texture is still very soft! I don't have much oil production, but my skin doesn't feel dry, either. So far so good!

  • Update #2 8/29/14: I've continued to use this and my skin is still very soft texture-wise. However, my skin produces no sebum anymore. It's almost getting dry. Before using this, my skin was oily and rough. Now, it's very soft but also a bit dry. It's almost as if this toner is too moisturizing and I'm not producing my own sebum anymore! I'm going to dial back and use it once a day, see how that goes.

  • Update #3 9/7/14: After using it only at night, my skin is now producing a bit of its own sebum again, yay~~ It's far from oily, but it's not dry and completely sebumless like it was in Update 2. My skin is still soft, especially when I wake up in the morning (possibly because I apply it at night.) I'm very happy!

I really like it! It’s a very lightweight texture and doesn’t cause me to break out. I was very happy with the improvement I saw. It not only hydrated my skin (thereby eliminating dryness), but it also softened my skin noticeably. My skin definitely feels different than it used to—and not just right after I apply it, throughout the day as well.

Would I buy it again with my own money? Quite possibly. I know it’s a little costly, but given that my skin is currently not doing too well, and I was impressed with the results, I’m willing to shell out a bit more. The reason I only say “possibly” is because I’d first like to try out other toners within the same price range. But other than that, it’s very likely I will repurchase this!

Thank you again Honest Skin!

Please remember that these are just my own experiences with the product. If you’ve also tried this product (or any other toner you’ve really liked), feel free to share your experiences!


  1. Ooh, this looks like a great product! I too have the same problem of being both oily and dry at the same time, it's really frustrating! >n<
    It's so expensive though ;A; Too much for my budget xD

    1. Isn't is so frustrating?!
      I know what you mean though; it's a bit pricey! If you can do well with a cheaper product, then there's no reason why you shouldn't!
      As for me, I'm the opposite: I can afford it and could use the help, so there's no reason why I wouldn't shell out a bit more for good results ^^

  2. For some reason I do have the same skin condition like yours lately.. My skin been very oily on the top but underneath I can feel it actually dry somewhat dehydration! It is like when I apply my Benton High Content cream, the cream wasn't absorbed into my skin. Instead, it sit on my skin and make my face oily :| Though I can't use this kinda essence because I still too young to go hahaha!~

    By the way, sorry to ask but, I think your palm looks a little bit dry or just the effect of the photo? :O

    1. Yes, it feels exactly like that, like the product doesn't get absorbed into your skin! So when I used this toner, my skin no longer felt like that. It felt like it was actually absorbing the moisture from my products. I read that it doesn't matter when you start using nice products, though! It's like food. Food that is healthy and good for you will be good for you no matter what age. At least, that's what my book says~ And it makes sense.

      And yes, you are right...My hands are insanely dry, no matter what. It's just been like that ever since I was young, and lotion is only a temporary fix. :(

  3. Oh so it's not only me who have this skin condition: oily on top but underneath it's really dry :( it's the result from using harsh cleansers for acne and now I'm looking for the right product to fix this >.<
    I'm glad reading this review from you cos I've been eyeing this toner for quite a long time but I do no dare to try it because of its price :/ but now I think I'll give it a try! :D hope my skin will like it like yours ^.^
    thanks for the detailed review! I really appreciate it :D

    1. You're definitely not the only one! If my skin isn't dry, that's the type of skin I usually get--oily on top, dry on bottom. I always try to find toners or moisturizers that help it, but this was the first one that really seemed to do anything.
      But! I think you should check other reviews too! I also changed my diet a little bit at that time, so who knows, maybe that was a part of it too. I can't say for sure, so I hope you double check with other reviews first, because it is a pricey product! :D
      Otherwise, I hope if you do buy it that it works out well for you too! I would definitely recommend doing it with a lotion mask, just to boost it even more ^^ And you're welcome; thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I like that you're using gifs! It's really cool~ ;u; this toner seems amazing, but it's so expensive :<

    1. Thanks Sana! ^_^
      Yeah, sadly it is expensive >.< But I refuse to believe that expensive always means better. I'm sure there are excellent toners for cheaper out there, we just have to look hard! +_+

  5. Thank you for review! I like this Time Revolution line but I thought of buying TM Eye Essence (because my friend said I have terrible eye wrinkles ><) so your opinion of TM Toner is important for me :)
    And about your current skin condition - try Hera moisture toner - I heard it is miracle ^^

    1. You're very welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting :)
      Oohh, eye wrinkles, I have those too :( I don't know much about the TM Eye Essence, but I do remember hearing rave things on Korean blogs about the New Science Activator Ampoule! Not sure much else, but you could check that out as well. And it should also help to put sunscreen around the eye area! I know I sometimes forget to since the sunscreens say "avoid eye area", but that ends up leaving my eyes open to sun damage! :(
      And thank you for your recommendation~! Hera seems like another fancy brand~ Maybe I'll try that next~

  6. Whatever product caused the irritation, be careful next time ok ><

    I know that you're a beauty blogger, but sticking to what works is sometimes better *used to try like 246784 different kinds of product before, but I finally stopped after getting my first breakout ever -had to go to a GP to treat it :/

    also, I know that the essence is supposed to be soaked in a cotton ball but i kinda just put mine on my face directly haha, I just think the leftover will be such a waste if I do the cotton ball thing! ><

    1. Aww, you're so sweet! Thank you! And yes, I agree. My skin wasn't this sensitive before, but it's become sensitive lately, and as a result I've also felt some concern because like you said, in order to review, I have to subject my skin to a wide array of crap chemicals to write about it! Feels bad :<

      Ahaha, actually that's what I do too! ;D I know they say to soak the cotton pad with it, but I just put it directly on my face and then put a wet cotton over it. It's a bit more dilute, but I think it's more or less the same as putting it on the cotton pad first...Soaking the cotton pad with 100% toner really does seem wasteful!

  7. I'm sorry but I'm confused. What makes you say that this is a toner? From what I've heard, this product is NOT a toner, but an essence, as the label says. There's a huge difference between essences and toners. This product is meant to be applied after a toner, like all other essences. The other terms Koreans have for toners are fresheners and refreshers, but definitely NOT essences. They belong to a category of their own. I'm sorry but I just want to clear this out especially for readers who might be misled into thinking that this is a toner and end up not having an actual toner in their regimen. Please don't take my comment the wrong way, I just want to clarify this. Thanks. :)

    1. No problem, it's a good point, and I'll tell you why I called it a toner. (And people that read this can decide for themselves what they want to categorize and use it as.)

      I called it a toner because it's thin, watery, and meant to prep the skin for further skincare, which is basically what an Asian toner is (as I'm sure you know). Whereas an essence (aka serum), on the other hand, is thicker than an emulsion/lotion (which this definitely is not.)

      I know it's called an essence--and I personally don't pay much attention to whatever name they choose to use on the product line, since they're usually categorized on Korean websites under "Toner" and "Essence/Serum" anyway--but if you look at the closeup photos I included on the box (I called it "information and directions closeup"), it clearly says that it should be used first, right after cleansing, and before using any other skincare. An essence, on the other hand, is thicker, and would be applied after the lotion/emulsion.

      You can also see this in the little pamphlet that I scanned. It's super hard to see, but the Missha Essence that we're talking about is put right after cleansing, even before a toner. So I suppose you could use an additional toner after this (although they didn't seem to recommend that in the 'suggested order' on the back of the box), but even then you would still use this Essence before using that toner. And one thing's for sure, this Essence is still intended to be used right after cleansing, not later on in the game like an essence/serum would.

      So that's why I called it a toner. :)

    2. Okay. Thank you very much for the clarification. I learned a lot from your reply. :D I checked the missha website and found that they indeed have classified this as a toner. Korean brands have so many terms for their products it's confusing. XD

    3. No probem, let me know if you have any other questions :)
      Yeah, don't worry about all those fancy names they make for each product line. When in doubt, you apply from most watery to least watery.
      I'm curious, though, where did you read that insisted this was to be used as an essence? It sounds like that could be a little misleading, especially since it indicates to use it first (like you would a toner) on the box.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. its not a toner, essence is different

    1. I recommend you read more about the product here

      If you are able to understand it, you'll find that this product is, for all intensive purposes, a toner, as it is used to prep your skin for what's to come. You can also look at the scanned brochure I included above which lists this product,though called an essence, way before the actual moisturizes serums/essences. There is no need to act sassy and know-it-all in your deleted comment, especially when you don't!


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