July 28, 2014

My Paula’s Choice package arrived!

Lately I’ve been a bit into Paula Begoun. She’s the author of the beauty book I’m reading, which has been very enlightening so far. I also like listening to her podcasts. I don’t learn too much from those since it mostly reiterates her book, but more than anything, I like her approach. Hearing her talk encourages me to do my own independent research and thinking when it comes to skincare. (Before I'd be really lazy about ingredients and just try it instead.)

Another thing I like about Paula’s podcasts is that she and her entire team are always patient even with (what I think are) the most annoying, pushy, and ungrateful callers. Granted, I'm still listening to her 2010 podcasts, and they of course have to be nice, but still I admire how they always find ways to speak gently. I’m very sensitive about things like this. Many bloggers and Youtubers who debunk skincare myths often come across as blaming you for being so stupid to believe those things. But in the case of Paula’s team, their frustration is always clearly on the companies and magazines for projecting those claims. At least, that’s how I feel~ And again, I’m not a loyal fan nor do I think they’re perfect!

Anywho! My skin has been bad lately, so in addition to a strict diet (in terms of what I eat, not how much!), I thought I’d try some skincare products from Paula’s Choice. My package arrived today and apart from being mad at the mailman, I’m oh so very excited to try them tonight!

I bought two things: a higher concentration of salicylic acid to replace my current 0.2% one, and a retinol product. (Been learning about these in her beauty book!)

They included lots of paper extras in my package…There’s a Paula’s Choice product catalogue as well as a step-by-step guide on one of their lines, which I think is helpful!

For my samples, I chose to try the gel version of the salicylic acid (I had purchased the liquid version), and two samples of an antioxidant serum:

They also gave me a booklet called 20 Beauty Myths Busted! Sadly I recognize a lot of it from my beauty book, but there are some new things that I didn’t know as well. I'll be sure to post about it later!

And finally, my favorite: stickers to label your skincare regimen!

I have a thing for stickers. I probably won’t use these since I don’t need them, but the idea of using stickers to label things is so cute~! Can you imagine putting cute little sun and moon stickers onto your daytime and nighttime cream? Speaking of which, I'm going to try making my own jar labels soon, too. :D

That's it for that package! I know this wasn't your typical cutesy Korean product haul, but I think all flavors of packages are happifying! I've got my fingers crossed for these products and I'll be sure to report back. Wish me luck! (For I will be very sad if they don't work...)


  1. Oh those stickers ~~ They stole my heart :D
    Hope you'll like these products ^^
    But I didn't understand - does Paula have her own cosmetic company "Paula's choice"? Or does she just choose good produts and send to customers?

    1. Me too~
      Ah, it was confusing for me at first too! It's her own company called Paula's Choice. Even though it sounds like she chooses products to send people, they're actually her own products. It's just the name that's confusing. :D

  2. Everything looks so professional O_O Hehe I know that sound weird but I'm used to all sorts of cutesy things like face masks in apple containers x3 I'm sure this is more effective but still xD Are these things expensive? c:

    1. Aha, I know what you mean! I'm actually soo used to cutesy cosmetics now that my standard of cuteness has gone up...I'm immune to typical Korean packaging now >< To the point that I'm starting to care more about the quality, not the packaging. But cute packaging is always lovely! And yes, they were quite pricey! Thankfully I got a $20 discount + free shipping, but it still came out to be ~40 bucks for two medium-sized products. :<

  3. Looks awesome! Been following your beauty care series lately <3

    I assume the retinol is to cover up scars? My bro does medicine and he recommended me something with it for my scars -haven't bought one yet though, my sk-ii and annagaspi treatment is going really well anyway xD *sadly not so well on my wallet.. ._.

    1. Oh, thank you~! I'm so flattered!
      Gosh, you're brother is in medicine! Envy! You don't even need my skincare series, you have him!
      Hmm, it could very well help acne scars! I was getting it more for general skincare/anti-aging, as from what I understand about it from Paula's podcasts and the beauty book, it helps heal your skin from inside and also decrease wrinkles. At least, that's what I understand about it ><
      And yes, SK-II is hard on the wallet indeed...TT

  4. This was an excellent post!
    I have been living in Korea for 4 months now and I agree to everything you said. Korea truly is the same as North America in daily life aspects. Once you are past the Honeymoon phase of living in a foreign country. Things really do feel like the normal routine. Just your location is different and the language is different and the scenery is a bit different :P

    1. Teehee, I think you meant to comment on my other post, but I know which one you mean!
      Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad that someone who is living in Korea also agrees! That means I'm not crazy :P
      You've said it perfectly, it's just the language and scenery that's a bit different. But other than that, things do settle in as a very normal routine. The difference would be that in Korea, you meet your friends for coffee. In America, we meet for dinner or lunch. :)


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