February 14, 2014

My happifying package from honestskin.com!

Whew! I’m writing a lot these days! I wonder what’s come over me...Well, make sure you check out my other recent posts, my wig review and my Etude House Minnie lipstick review! ^^

Today was a good day! I started the morning curiously elated, and I ended the day squealing and jumping around in my room. I was happy because I was unboxing a package filled with cute, lovely things! Receiving a package is a wonderful pick-me-up after a long week!

Here’s the package! It’s from HONESTSKIN.COM (a Korea-based retailer for Korean cosmetics!)

Guess how long it took to get to me? 1 day. One. day. Man, Korean ajusshis on their little motorcycles are so efficient!

When I opened it, there was a detailed invoice:

I thought it was a refreshing change of professionalism! I’ve gotten so used to having my stuff shoved into little bubble-wrap envelopes with no invoices.

The goodies were bubble-wrapped in groups~

Let’s open them! (Some of the product names you can click to be taken to see the listing~)

Innisfree — Jeju Sudachi Soothing Mask

I looooovee the packaging of this. It’s only a simple jar, but the clear green jelly looks so nice in it! Not to mention, it’s a clear jar is uncommon packaging for a mask!

Skinfood — Watery Berry Gift Set

These are just itty bitty sample sizes. ☺

Skin79 — Super BB

I know this BB Cream has been reviewed a million times and more, but who says I can’t still contribute? :3

Nature Republic — Original Power Argan Oil Ampoule

I’m reaaaally excited to try this! After trying Skinfood’s Avocado Oil, I’ve become a total oil convert. :D

Etude House — Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam

Pore cleansing foam? Perfect for me! I’ve been breaking out lately, and I break out when my skin isn’t clean. So fingers crossed that this can put an end to it!

The Face Shop — Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher, No.1 Rose Cushion

I don’t think I need to explain why I was squealing over this.

Innisfree — It’s Real Masks
$6.50/5 masks

Holika Holika — Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner

Someone has challenged me to do an effortless, natural look, and I’ll try using a pencil liner for that!

Skinfood — Rose Essence Lip Balm

3 Concept Eyes — Lip Marker, pink

I had never heard of this brand before, but now I’m curious! It’s a brand by the clothing brand Stylenanda, which I had learned about before from my shopaholic coworker. And a lip marker? Oh, will this be better than a lip tint?!

So many questions to answer! I’m so excited to write all these reviews~ Which one should I do first?!

HONESTSKIN.COM: If you like Korean cosmetics, I honestly think they are worth checking out! Very clean website and low prices~! They’re also having a special now that’s 30% off Etude House stuff!

I have even more exciting information to tell you about Honest Skin, so sit tight for that! Until then, have fun browsing~!


  1. Oh neat! I've always wanted to try out 3CE's products since I'm seeing more people share their reviews over them. I gotta check it out soon!


  2. I love the Baking Powder cleansing foam~ :DD
    it's been working great for me and I'm currently trying to finish my 2nd tube. (I have combination/oily skin)
    There are lots of lovely things here. Looking forward to your future reviews <3

    1. Thanks!! ^_^
      Oh, that's good to know! I have dry skin, so we can compare how it feels on different skin types then~

  3. Those products look awesome! I always wanted to try out that bb cream and blush! Oh and let us know if those masks are good or not because I'm always out on a look out for some new sheet masks.

    1. Thanks Michelle!
      I will definitely let you know about everything! ^_^

  4. They're also one of the seller that I liked! Never thought that they had an online shop too!
    Thanks for posting!

  5. XD I just ordered that bb cream just because there's so many commmotions about it (and also maybe because they had a sale going on).
    1 day? Wow..... Now that's what I call efficient.

    1. Yeah, it seems this BB cream is one of the most well-known and popular bbcreams over in the English-speaking blogosphere!

  6. I just ordered the baking powder foam! hope it helps my skin! ^^~

  7. Will you be doing anymore group orders? :O i'd love to buyyy but i don't have paypal ;~;

    1. Hi~~
      Did you see my reply to your other comment on my previous post?
      Here it is ^^

      "Aww, darn! I'm not anymore! I'm in Korea now so I just buy it in stores... Sorry! But if you want I could maybe help you purchase stuff, but for a 5% commission ^^"

      Although if you don't have paypal, I'm not sure how we would do a group order, even if I was holding one >.< You should get paypal~!

  8. I saw a review on the 3CE Lip Marker before in that shade, and it was really pretty *-* I want to get it so bad, but right now I'm trying to not make any more unnecessary purchases. ^^; Honest Skin once left a comment on my blog to check them out, which I did. I find that some of the prices are just so-so but others are cheap. I'll have to try ordering from them someday~

    1. Hmm~ From what I saw their prices were about the same as retail prices in Korea, although I obviously didn't check every single product!
      The lip marker is the craziest sensation ever; it's just as it sounds...a marker...! O.O;; So interesting!

  9. Oh, i'n sorry! I didnt see it. Okay thank you though c:
    Have you heard of jolse.com? They also sell korean products too! And its pretty good pricing c:

    I have a review on my blog if you're interested x3



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