April 17, 2015

Fruity and sparkly: Holika Holika Honey Bouquet Shine Gloss SWH001 Twinkle Drop Review

(Audio recording will be up tomorrow!)

Here we have an all-around cute lip gloss: cute packaging, fruity scent, and most of all…sparkles! As far as texture, it’s thin and sticky.


Brand: Holika Holika
Name: Honey Bouquet Shine Gloss
Color: SWH001 Twinkle Drop
Amount: 5.2g
Actual Weight: 28g
Price in Korea: 6,000KRW

The cap is light purple with a bow design in the center:

You can’t really see the text since it’s white on white, so I’ve darkened it for clarity:

The back:

The bottom/expiration date (2 years from now):


Scent: Sweet and peachy. It’s the heavy, over-saturated type of sweet smell, although truth be told, I don’t notice the scent anymore after using it a few times.

Taste: It has a bit of an oily taste, but it isn’t gag-inducing at all. It doesn’t affect my meals or drinks.

It’s clear but sparkly. The gloss contains tiny specks of glitter that, if you look closely, come in white, pink, purple, and blue (but mostly pink and white.)

Hand swatch
left: less light reflection; right: more light reflection

On my lips:

From a normal distance, though, it mainly looks glossy and wet. (You can refer to my very first picture for this!)

Thin and sticky.

By thin, I mean that it doesn’t apply in thick, huge goops. For one, notice how little product the wand picks up:

And because it’s sticky, it tugs on your lips when you apply it:

So unlike some lip glosses which can be applied with a gentle dab or swipe, this one requires a bit of pressure due to its stickiness. And as a result, the wand does get pretty dirty from catching all the lipstick underneath.

That being said, the stickiness does cause it to last through food and drink quite well. Or at least, the sparkles do!

lip gloss after a meal:

However, this mainly applies when your product underneath is textureless, such as a lip tint. If the gloss is applied over something like lipstick, it’ll still wipe right off with the lipstick.

I like it! The speckles are adorable, perfect for spring and summer! The texture is sticky, but it’s not too bad, especially since it applies in (relatively) thin layers and doesn’t have much taste.

Would I recommend it? Sure, I don’t see why not! If you’re in search of a sparkly clear lip gloss, consider this a good option!

Thanks for reading!

April 13, 2015

How I changed after Korea, Part 3/5: Being a ninja with broken English

Audio recording:

--------- BEGIN ACTUAL POST ------------

To contrast with How I changed after Korea Part 2, which was a little serious, here are two minor behavioral things that changed about me from living in Korea.

-- 1. I squeeze past people without saying excuse me.--

That’s just what you do in Korea. Now, it’s not that you actually push people—well, some people do—but most of the time, it’s more that Koreans are able to squeeze past someone without more than a slight brush against their bag. So that’s what they do. And once you do start squeezing past, the other person usually gets the clue and moves forward ~6 inches.

This entire process is done without eye contact, words, or even acknowledgment. Most of the time, people don’t bother to say “Chamsimanyeon” or “Chakkaman” unless they really can’t fit through, like if they have a baby stroller, they’re in a rush to get off the subway, or the person blocking the way is completely oblivious.

As a small, quiet person, this was veeeery comfortable for me. I never liked saying, “Excuse me.” I can’t tell you how many times people wouldn’t hear me, which left me awkwardly trying again and again (to still no avail), all the while dying with shame. But in Korea, I could finally slip past people in peace. No guilt, no shame, and no need to get out of my comfort zone.

After coming back to America, though, I realized that this is actually considered quite rude over here! In America, even if you don’t actually touch the other person, the mere action of squeezing past them is rude and invasive of their personal space. I had relearn that the proper way is to instead stand half a foot away, say loudly “Excuse me”, wait till they move, and then walk past. Siiigh ToT

-- 2. My English went downhill and I picked up Korean speech patterns instead. --

Even though I had only been there a little over a year, my English deteriorated quite noticeably. If this sounds surprising, I don’t blame you! I didn’t expect it myself, especially considering that…my Korean wasn’t good, either, haha! But for whatever reason, it became increasingly difficult to write eloquently. I struggled with my blog posts. I still managed, but it took 10x the effort. And towards the end of my trip, I found myself spitting out Korean words faster than English.

But above all, I started imitating Korean speech patterns. I paused after certain words, dragged out others, added vibrato, and used the word “why” out of conversation–most of which do not translate well into English, by the way!

Now that I’m back in America, the majority of these habits have obviously worn off quite a bit. I’ve re-salvaged my ability to use proper intonation…but it takes effort. When I’m at ease with my boyfriend, for example, I still revert back to using improper English, like:

My here is hurt. *pointing at body part in pain*

Oh, very yummy!

Oh whyyyyyy?! ← annoyed voice

And when it comes to typing, I often mix up homophones and spelling. Heck, just now I mistyped “ophen” for often!

Thank you for reading! Time for me to go watch some TV shoes. ;)

April 11, 2015

You can now follow my blog through audio!

My posts are long, I'll admit it!

If you've ever found yourself too busy or not in the mood to read through so much, or you simply prefer to multitask while doing other things, you can now listen to me read them through Youtube!

...If you can stand my voice, that is!

This is something that I've been wanting do for awhile now because I know that in this day and age, we're all busy--and heck, even a bit impatient! And while this audio thing may turn out to be completely useless to most people, I figured I'd put it out there anyway.

I will forewarn you though, I am not a professional narrator! It's even a bit awkward because I don't know what voice to use. In real life I tend to adjust my voice and speech based on the person I'm talking to, but in this case, it's like talking to a wall.

What I'm trying to say is, reading aloud introduces an entire new dimension of linguistic (and cultural) nuances. How you read my words in your head may not be how I read them in my head, let alone out loud. There's a chance that some people will realize that they don't like personality or way of talking. And while I obviously hope that's not the case, it's tricky because many of my long posts do indeed pertain to touchy topics.

And heck, I could be overthinking here--I am a bit of a worrywart! But just know that I don't mean to sound insincere (if I do at all); I'm just not used to reading aloud for so long. And not to mention, all the while trying to sound interesting and use proper intonation!

Again, this whole audio thing is mainly for people who are busy but still want to keep up with my blog. My plan is basically to embed a Youtube video with the corresponding audio recording at the top of the post. I’m thinking of doing it mainly reviews and culture posts, since those are the longest. The idea is that you can listen to it first and then go back to see the corresponding photos later. If some people find it useful, great! Feel free to leave feedback if you do end up using it! If not, no worries. I figured I'd try, that's all.

Here are my current narrations (for some of my popular old posts):

Korean culture: "We’re not friends! We’re sisters!"
(5:48 if you want to hear me speak Konglish XD )

What is Gangnam Face and what does it look like?

Racism in Korea

and...this post!

On a lighter note, here is a closeup of my makeup today! I went for a happy spring look!

And last but not least, bangs or no bangs?

April 8, 2015

It didn’t work for me at all. Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet Mini Review [EDIT I WAS WRONNGGG]

Long story short, this didn’t work at all for me. My foot didn’t peel even one flake! :( I would recommend buying Holika Holika’s other product instead (the Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling), whereas this is the Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet.

[Edit: I was wrong, how brain-farty of me! After a comment left by Sakura, I realized that I brain-farted and assumed this would be a peeling mask--hence why I thought it was doing such a terrible job of peeling--when it is, in fact, just a moisturizing mask. Silly me~~ It still didn't moisturize much though.]

Holika Holika -- Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet
Price in Korea: 2,500₩

Packaging: Basically, it’s two plastic socks with a damp inner lining. There is no serum to pour into the socks; it comes pre-moistened. The socks are loose on my feet (as is the case for all foot masks), so I like to wear real socks over them for full skin contact.

Results: My foot didn’t peel at all! About a week later—results are supposed to happen after one week—my foot had a few tiny, tiiiinny “spikes” on it, as if the skin was barely starting to peel. That, however, lasted one night. The next morning, my feet were back to normal with no signs of peeling.

So ignore everything I had written because as I mentioned above, it was my fault for assuming that this was a peeling mask when it's not. ^^; But in terms of moisture, my feet didn't feel particularly moist or soft afterwards, either. It could be because I have rough feet, but because the serum in this mask is thin and watery, I think applying lotion and wearing socks to sleep would have a greater effect than this mask.

Overall: I would not buy or recommend this mask. In all fairness, I do have thicker skin on my feet than most people; however, I still maintain that this is a subpar mask, seeing that I have gotten results from other masks.

For example, the Holika Holika One Shot Peeling gave me major peeling. I was able to peel off large, 3” flakes with just my hands—no pumice stone required! The Tony Moly Shiny Foot, on the other hand, gave me medium peeling. I could peel off 1-2”-sized flakes with my hands, but I still had to scratch the majority of it off (either with a pumice stone or with my fingernails, haha.) My favorite is still the Holika Holika One Shot Peeling, assuming that it’s the same formulation as when I tried it years ago!

Thanks for reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions about my experiences. :)