October 30, 2014

Sclera lens review! Princess Pinky Black Sclera, featuring Pinocchio & The Grudge

Long story short: They’re not thaat bad! They certainly look terrifying, and I won't deny that they’re less comfortable than regular circle lenses, but they’re not nearly as bad as they look! ^^

These lenses were generously sponsored by Pinky Paradise. Thank you Pinky Paradise!


As of right now, most of the sclera reviews from Pinky Paradise are for the Phantasee brand, whereas mine are from Princess Pinky. Princess Pinky is the brand that made the super comfy whiteout lens (review here.) These scleras themselves are a fairly new product. Pinky Paradise only began carrying them a few weeks ago. And they so happen to be $20 cheaper than the Phantasee series ($80 vs $100)!

Brand: Princess Pinky
Series + Color: Black Sclera
Diameter: : 22mm
Water Content: 45%
Price: $79.90

Link here

Here are the vials:

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the label on the right is a bit crooked. Not only that, the label is clearly wrong; no way are these scleras only 14.5mm! It seems that the labels were hastily attached, which I speculate has to do with it being a new product?

Here is the case that comes with it:

If you look closely, there's a faint circle in the middle of the lens:

It turns out that the lens has a bump in the middle! I shall call it the "iris bump"—presumably there to accommodate the shape of your iris:

Eyeball shape:

To give you some idea of what to expect with the scleras, here is a comparison with regular circle lenses. Now, these “regular” lenses are actually 15.0mm which is already quite big, but look how tiny they are compared to the scleras!

You can also see the thickness difference between the two. A good circle lens will feel thin, flimsy, and bendy. These scleras, however, are much thicker. They feel a bit like rubbery plastic wrap. In the following pictures, can you see how the sclera’s edges are way more visible (i.e. thicker)?

All in all they’re much thicker than regular circle lenses, but we’ll talk more about comfort in a bit. :)

Here’s how they look on me:

Two things to notice here:
1.) It doesn’t cover my entire eye. For reference, my eyes are medium-sized. The lens covers all of my whites, but not the inner and outer corners (you know, that fleshy red part.) Although you really only notice this in bright light or up close.
2.) The lenses glisten in ample light! On the right side of my face (where the light is hitting), the lenses look glossy and wet. But in dim light, the lenses look matte.

The first time was very uncomfortable. It felt like intense pressure around the entire eyeball, so I took them out almost immediately. However! The second time wearing them was not nearly as bad. In retrospect, I think I was overreacting because I expected them to be painful. So as a tip, be calm! If you tell yourself it won’t be that bad, it won’t be. ^^

Here’s how I would break it down: They’re uncomfortable for the first 5-10 minutes. It’s not a sharp stinging pain; rather, I feel medium-strength pressure around my entire eyeball. I also feel the lenses’ thick edges, which is more awkward and itchy than anything. But if I just look straight ahead and don’t move my eyes around (to avoid rubbing against the lens edges), then it’s bearable—definitely uncomfortable, but not to the point of pain.

After that initial 5-10 minutes, it’s completely fine. At that point it feels like any other circle lens, except thicker. I can still feel the edges if I move my eyeballs around, but it’s not uncomfortable. So far I’ve worn them for up to 1.5hours, and during that time they have sometimes begun to sting a bit, but it only lasted a couple minutes.

In terms of vision, it's a little blurry in the beginning. Afterwards, my vision is only slightly less clear, but no longer to the point of blurriness. I can still see clearly at any given moment, and there's no need to blink hard in order to "deblur."

Overall, I think they’re good for your cosplay/photoshoot needs! I’m sorry I don’t have experience wearing them for long periods of time, but what I can say is that I’ve worn them for 1.5 hours with basically no issue. To summarize, they’re uncomfortable for the first 5-10 minutes (at most), but after that it’s fine. Although I can definitely feel their thickness compared to regular circle lenses, they didn’t cause me much pain or discomfort after the initial 5 minutes. Now that I think about it, I’ve actually tried plenty of regular-sized circle lenses that hurt way more than these...It seems that iris bulge does major good!

Many pictures, please scroll slowly! :3

For today’s photos, I was inspired by Jeffrey Thomas’ dark rendition of Pinocchio! I love dolls and puppets, and creepy ones are even better. :D
















That's mine.




I made the costume myself! I’m not good at sewing—no, actually, I’m terrible—but I think it looks okay from afar! It was quite exhausting, though, which explains why I didn’t bother to secure the blue stripe on his hat. I also figured a disheveled look might be more suiting for our dear, lost Pinocchio. :P

Towards the end, Bun Fun and I became a little more lighthearted, so we made this short photo story:
















I have one more “creepy cute” story, featuring Toshio from Ju-on! It's called "Toshio wants some Chocopie" because I think both Toshio and Chocopies are so cute >3<






*quietly takes one*


*munch munch munch*

More, please!


Thank you to Pinky Paradise for making this review and these photos possible! I know it’s a bit late for Halloween, but if you need scleras for your cosplay or photoshoots, I say give it a go! It's really not as terrifying as it looks. At the very least, I hope this review gave you have a better idea of what to expect. ^^ You can see the rest of Pinky Paradise’s sclera selection here:


As always, let me know if you have any further questions regarding my experiences.^^