September 29, 2014

Deer antler headband from Born Pretty (Review + Outfit)

Cat ears and bunny ears have both made their debut, so my attention is now on deer antlers! Plus, they fit right in with autumn and the upcoming holidays. ^^

This hairband was kindly sponsored by Born Pretty Store. Thank you Born Pretty!


Name: 1 Pc Cute Small Sika Deer Antler Ears Hairband 4 Colors (link)
Price: $2.99

The antlers are made of a soft felt and amply stuffed (although one is stuffed more firmly than the other.) Overall, the antlers are puffy and soft—good to squeeze! >:3 The antlers are glued in place so you can’t adjust their positioning. Also, they’re dark brown, not toffee-colored like in the photo. The headband portion is wrapped in black satin.

For the most part, everything looks okay. The satin on the headband is smooth and the antlers stand up just fine. The only concern is where the antlers connect to the headband. On one side there is a lot of stringy fluff (presumably the stuffing) leaking out of the antler. It seems that the hole they created for the headband to go through was too large and some stuffing is spilling out. On the other antler, there are also bits of thread and glue visible on the bottom.

I like the design and concept! Admittedly, the workmanship is not great, but since it’s just sitting on my head, I think it’ll hold up enough to at least get the 3 bucks worth.

I won't deny that it looks a bit costumey and unsuitable for daily wear. I’d say it’s even more daring than cat ear headbands or usamimi. But come mid-December when the Christmas spirit is in full swing, some people do get a little festive with their outfits. So if you’re a bit courageous, this would be an adorable (and unique) alternative to the usual reindeer scarf! At the very least, this would be suitable for a holiday gathering, like a Christmas party with your school club. (Talking PG-13 clubs here!) If it makes you feel better, I myself plan on wearing this while I go shopping in mid-December! :) I’ll blend right in with the Christmas decorations in the mall ^_^

In my humble opinion, this headband would look fantastic with a mori girl outfit:

But going back to my comment about this being a cute alternative to the usual Santa hat, here is an example of what I mean. The following is something I might wear to a holiday party with my school club, with the deer headband added on to make me look even more cute and Christmasy. :D







Shirt: Express Bus Terminal
Collar: Dongdaemun
Skirt: Tokyo Fashion
Socks: Homeplus
Shoes: Yumetenbo, $23


I was laughing at a sign I had just read. It said: Those with active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea in the past 14 days will not be permitted in the pool.








If you don’t agree with my style, think of it this way: at least these photos gave you an idea of what not to wear it with. :)


Thanks again to Born Pretty!

I would summarize Born Pretty as a place to get all sorts of accessories for really cheap (jewelry, hair accessories, tights, lashes, nail stuff, etc.) If you order, be sure to use my code "AYH10" for 10% off!

P.S. Check out my previous post if you haven't already! 50% off on circle lenses. :)

September 25, 2014

Have you bought your Halloween lenses yet?

Now is a great time to buy lenses! Starting tomorrow (Friday September 26th), you can use the code Halloween2014Airi for 50% off at Pinky Paradise! Careful now, this promo will last only two weeks.



Exceptions: Coupon can only be used once per customer. This code unfortunately doesn’t apply to the sclera lenses (aka Phantasee lenses), monthly lenses, or toric lenses (for astigmatism.) It also doesn’t apply to cosmetic products. But for all regular lenses, I can’t see why you wouldn’t take advantage of 50% off! I'd even recommend stocking up if you can! Just a reminder, this promo begins 9/26 and ends 10/6.


You may notice this code going around on various blogs and sites, but if you enjoy my blog and appreciate my efforts (café posts, Snippets, Korean culture posts, skincare tips, and beauty reviews), then I of course hope you use mine! ♥

(However, please do not share this code on coupon websites like retail-me-not; Pinky Paradise will disable the code if that happens. ><)

Just a piece of advice: It seems that everyone is preparing (seeing as some lenses have been out of stock), so I recommend you start deciding as soon as you can! Pinky Paradise restocks within a couple days to a week so definitely keep on the lookout.

I myself will be reviewing two Halloween lenses, a white-out lens and a black sclera lens, courtesy of Pinky Paradise. (Super nervous for the sclera lens!) With these two I plan to create a sinister Pinocchio look. I can’t wait to share it, so fingers crossed my lenses arrive soon!


Please share what you are going to be/do for Halloween!

September 24, 2014

Fake bob selca

Today I did a fake bob hairstyle. I didn’t expect much, but I ended up liking it a lot!

I would have liked it more if it were wispier and puffier at the bottom (kinda like in this picture), but…I’m not that good with hair yet. ><

I like how soft and feminine the looks. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly mature; I think it’s right in the middle between pretty and cute, and could go both ways depending on the outfit. ^^


September 23, 2014

A DIY lipstick! Skinfood My Shortcake Lipstick PK01 Raspberry Pie

It’s a DIY lipstick! Well, sort of. When I saw it in store there was a “DIY, Make your own lipstick” type of banner, but basically, you just buy the lipstick and its casing separately. That way you can choose which design you want for the packaging and you simply insert the lipstick yourself. It’s really not as fancy as it sounds... That aside, it's still a very nice lipstick, so read on!

Brand: Skinfood
Name: My Shortcake
Color (the one I chose): PK01 Raspberry Pie
Amount: 3g
Price in Korea: Casing 2, 000₩, Lipstick 5,000₩ (link to casing, link to lipstick)

There are a total of 7 shades and casing designs that you can choose from:

My lipstick is the last one.

As I mentioned, you have to buy the casing and lipstick separately, and you have several options for both. I went with the dark pink lipstick and peach-colored casing:

Heads up: The exterior casing is made out of cardboard, similar to the middle of your toilet paper roll. It’s not flimsy or anything, but it’s definitely not as sturdy as plastic. It also has a matte, papery texture that seems prone to dirt and stains. Mine thankfully hasn’t gotten dirty yet, but I also leave it on the vanity.

To put it together, you first have to remove the two ends on the lipstick tube:

You then insert the lipstick tube into the bottom part of the casing:

Twist it to lock it, and voila! Finished~

It’s creamy, smooth, and thin. It’s creamy, but not the thick, drying kind that will accentuate flakes and wrinkles. This lipstick has just enough moisture in it to glide on smoothly. In fact, it has a bit of glisten when held up to the light, which you can see on the right swatch below:

The downside of this is that the lipstick can slip off easily when you accidentally touch it or drink from a cup, for example. However, on the flipside of that, it leaves behind a vibrant stain. The following picture was after I had wiped off everything I could with my fingers (notice how there’s no lipstick texture left, just color):

Now this stain fades considerably after eating and drinking, but it’s still very noticeable overall.

Color: Unlike the product photo which looks very purplish, it’s actually a dark pink/magenta—just what you’d imagine with the word raspberry.
Pigmentation: Pigmented and true to the stick color.
Finish: Semimatte/semigloss

Thumbs up! No complaints here: cute packaging, cute lipstick design, cute color…Cuteness aside, the texture and color payoff are great. Oh, and let’s not forget that the price is nice, too! Many cute Korean lipsticks are around 8,000 won, but their textures aren’t necessarily great. This lipstick, on the other hand, scores brownie points all around—cuteness, quality, and price.

Would I recommend this to my friends? Yes! ^^

These photos were taken indoors with a mix of daylight (coming through the window) and yellow, room lighting.


△ This is why I don't like bushy eyebrows on me..I look like a tarantula.


△ Trying to hide my bad hair



△ Bought my favorite kind of chocolate~




Which color and casing would you have chosen?