October 4, 2015

Winner of my aloe vera reviewaway!

RNGesus has spoken! The winner of my first reviewaway (I coined that term!) is...


Sataa was the 9th person out of 14, as chosen by Random.org:

Thank you so much to everyone for joining; I’m really excited to continue this! Literally, so much of the products I review end up sitting in my drawer. And you know, a lot of the stuff I receive is pretty good quality, too—medium-range, and decently expensive! So please look forward to more reviewaways, as I am super excited! It seems I will be able to gift everyone something after all!

Sataa, please email me at chichibanban at gmail dot com with your full, properly-formatted address! Include your last name too, if you can! (For the mailman!) I won’t stalk you ^^

Thank you again to the 14 people!

October 3, 2015

Would anyone be interested in receiving my BB Bag products? The ones I just reviewed?

Is it weird if I want to give away the items I received for my review?

These are the aloe vera products from Beauteque’s September BB Bag, which I just reviewed (like literally, 10 minutes ago.) Sadly, these products are too lightweight for me, but it’s such a shame to waste it! So I’m thinking of giving them away.

I have 4 items left—the body cream, emulsion, mist, and soothing gel—which are about 70-80% full right now (although that’s kinda tricky because they were never full to begin with!) The one I used most is the aloe vera gel, but even that still has a substantial amount left. Go check out my review if you don't know which ones I'm talking about!

I’m treating this as a giveaway, so shipping is all on me! Comment below if you’re interested. I know it sounds a bit weird and unhygienic, but all of these products are in bottles/tubes. And people do makeup blogsales all the time!

If this goes well, I would love to do this again in the future. The truth is, I have dry skin, so I have to be extremely picky about what I use. A lot of the makeup and skincare I review are nice, but not nice enough for my dry skin. So if you guys aren’t weirded out by the fact that they’re gently used, I would love to pass them on! It’ll be fun, because my reviews will now turn into giveaways! :3 But if nobody wants das ok too ><

Comment below if you’re interested! Also, please go follow Beauteque’s Facebook page or Twitter while you’re at it!

UPDATE: I'm going to call them "reviewaways", haha!

Mini reviews on Beauteque’s September BB Bag!

Audio recording:

This is me trying very hard to do American pronunciation and intonation, haha! I think I goofed and made myself sound displeased. Donmai, I'm not!

--------- BEGIN ACTUAL POST ------------

Mini reviews on Beauteque’s September BB Bag!

Beauteque is the K-cosmetic store I mentioned last time which offers 2 subscription services, one of which is the BB Bag. This month’s BB Bag was aloe-themed!

It was for the month of September, and the goal was to have products that would soothe your sun-damaged, post-summer skin. Welp, I can definitely say that all the products are here super lightweight and gentle! I'd say they're most suitable for oily and/or youthful skin that doesn't need much to maintain it.

And just so I don’t have to repeat myself, everything here (except the massage pad) smells like clean and refreshing aloe.

------ START! -------

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Body Cream

It's a lightweight cream texture:
The moisture it provides is, for me, barely sufficient. My limbs will still feel a bit itchy and dry unless I apply an ample, second layer.

Nature Republic Soothing Aloe Moisture Emulsion

This has a lightweight cream texture, too.
It absorbs quickly and has lightweight/minimal moisturizing ability (at least, on me.) My face feels barely not dry, if that makes any sense? The main thing about this product is that it’s so hard to get out of the container!

Welcos Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist

This is a nice big container of sliiightly gooey mist. It feels cooling and refreshing, especially with the slight aloe scent, but it only provides me momentary moisturizer, unless I spray it a bunch of times! The mist doesn’t come out as finely as other sprays, which I actually like better for moisture.

It’s Skin Aloe Soothing Gel

It’s what you’d imagine for an aloe vera gel, except thinner.
It has a very thin and lightweight texture which absorbs surprisingly quickly, and is quite moisturizing as well! I really like using it as a lotion, especially since it’s so fast-absorbing!

Silicon Massage Pad

This little bristly thing is for massaging/deep cleansing while you wash your face. If you look closely, you’ll see that it has 3 different variations of bristles:
I personally find the middle bristles a bit firm, in that it feels like I’m rubbing plastic on my skin, which can feel abrasive. If you’re not picky about being gentle on your face, though, I can say that using this sort of product helped me with my blackheads in the past!

Tosowoon Pure Mask Aloe

This one I had my sister review! She has oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. ^^ She says it feels gentle and lightweight. It’s got your typical sheet mask serum (clear and slightly gooey), it absorbs fast, and has plenty of excess to go around:
All in all, it’s a nice, average mask!

3W Clinic Fresh Aloe Mask Sheet

This mask had a lightweight serum. There wasn’t much excess in the packet or on the cloth, which was slightly thick, but the moisture held up fine for half a day!
It kept me plenty moisturized; I’d say as much as any other mask.


Thank you for reading!
All in all, my two favorites are the aloe vera gel and the mist! In all honesty, because I do have dry skin, I can’t say that the other products worked well for me, but they do seem perfect for summer and/or youthful, oily skin :)

Please check out Beauteque’s website, as well as my previous post, for a breakdown on their subscription services:

The deadline to sign up for this month’s beauty bag is the 10th, so you have a bit of time!

October 2, 2015

I’m moving to Taiwan!

Audio recording (excuse my voice, I'm sick):

--------- BEGIN ACTUAL POST ------------

I’m moving to Taiwan!

Crazy big news: I’m moving to Taiwan next Wednesday! I have a lot to explain, so let’s get started!

Why Taiwan?
I’ve actually always wanted to go to Taiwan. I may or may not have expressed that in the past, but I had always had my eyes on Taiwan and Japan. (Korea was the unexpected one, actually, since my boyfriend just happened to be Korean.) So for the past year I have been planning on moving to Taiwan, followed by Japan in a couple of years.

Why so sudden?
It is a bit sudden. I was originally planning on moving to Taiwan around late November, but two things happened:
  1. In my trip to Taipei 2 weeks ago to attend the Beauty Bound Asia workshop, I interviewed at a couple modeling agencies while I was at it. And...they all liked me! They just wanted me back to Taiwan for good ASAP.
  2. I got accepted into Beauty Bound Asia’s Nationals for Taiwan, and their next workshop is next Saturday. So to attend that event (which is mandatory), I have to move back next week. It works out, though, because that’s also the time I told the agencies I’d be back.

What is Beauty Bound Asia again?
Beauty Bound Asia is an SK-II-sponsored Youtube contest to “find the next top beauty creator in Asia.” Basically, they give you a bunch of challenges to complete, and they're all related to beauty vlogging. If you make it through, you get to attend a workshop and take home a bunch of SK-II goodies.

My goodies from last time:

What will I do once I move to Taiwan?
Lots of fun things, hopefully! But job-wise, I will be working as a print model.

Modeling?? What’s a print model?
Print models are the people you see in ads, posters, magazines, online stores, and even commercials. They can also be hired as showgirls or MC’s/announcers. Showgirling is when you attend an expo/trade show and help advertise stuff. For example, it could be for cars or electronics:

I’m not suuuper excited to do showgirling, since it looks like you’re a piece of meat surrounded by creepy lechers, but that’s also just my guess. It should be an interesting experience, and only one every so often to supplement my print modeling. I should also have a say on which kind of showgirling I do!

All in all, print models don't be tall, and they’re certainly not high fashion. For my field, they just have to be pretty, thin, able to pose, and able to walk in heels.

Why do I want to be a model? Did I always want to be a model?
It would be a lie to say I never thought of modeling before. I think as girls, most of us have dreamt of being a model/actress/idol at one point. I did, too. But it was always just a dream, one that I gave up on it several years ago. So when I started taking pictures for my blog, it was just for fun. I wasn’t trying to be a model with all my poses; I just thought it was fun to create a story!

The immediate reason I wanted to be a model again is because…I did not want to teach English. There’s nothing wrong with that profession so long as you are competent and enthusiastic, but for me, I just cannot talk for that long. Even in real life, my voice is apparently quite small, seeing how nobody can hear me. And if I talk for more than 15 minutes straight, my throat gets sore.

So as I started thinking about Taiwan, I had thoughts of, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to model in Taiwan? It’d be the perfect job, because I don’t have to talk.’ But I never thought it was actually possible. I got so used to just yearning for it, you know? I was too scared to go out and try it, because I didn’t think I was skinny enough, pretty enough, or V-line enough…

That’s why I started looked for translation jobs instead. But even then, I was kind of dreading it. So out of desperation, I finally figured, “I have nothing to lose, let me contact a modeling agency.”

And when I did, and I found out that they were really friendly! That phone call gave me the courage to get off my ass and submit my photos...and here I am now!

So do I already modeling agencies lined up?
I’ve already been accepted to several modeling agencies, so the question was which one(s) I would go with. One of them was a straight-up scam (Taiwan has a lot of those), and another wanted an exclusive contract. That left me with two agencies, one which is an acting agency. The other is, as I'm told, a scam as well.

That agency hasn't tried to scam me yet, so there is a possibility that they only scam the people they are rejecting. If that agency does fall through, I can easily find new ones, especially now that I’ve dyed my hair brown! That, and I still have the acting agency which is legit.

Acting agency? What kind of acting is it?
It’s anywhere from commercials to TV shows to movies. They also do modeling, but they focus on acting.

And similarly, even if I were just to join a regular modeling agency, I would still do commercials from time to time. It’s commonplace for models to act in commercials.

Random Taiwanese commercial:

Am I trying to brag or rub it in people’s faces that I get to model and act?
No! Actually, I thought of keeping it secret at first, because I tend to be private about my life in general. And believe me, I did not want to deal with anyone’s hate for it, either.

My impression is that when you’re a regular girl who starts off no different from everyone else, people hate more when you do try to pursue things like traveling, modeling, and acting. Whereas if you had always started off as model (as far as they knew), then you would just be cool, aspirational, and mysterious. But being a regular girl-turned-model, I have no doubts people will criticize the hell out of me for my “wannabe poses.” So originally, I wasn’t going to say anything.

But just like the Beauty Bound Asia contest, I decided to finally try opening up and share the joy of it. It’s going to be a crazy adventure, entering this world of beautiful people who literally make money off their face—like, what?! Modeling is such a mysterious way of life, and I want to share it with everyone so you can experience it through me!

Where am I staying?
I’ve booked a place on Airbnb for my first month! It was $350 and is (supposedly) in a great location. Obviously, local Taiwanese apartments are cheaper, but there are also initial down payments (such security deposit and key money) that I wasn’t ready to pay yet.

So for the first month I’ll stay in Airbnb while I get acclimated and work my butt off getting jobs, and then I'll find my own apartment later! Hopefully that was a wise decision…

Do I speak the language?
Eeehh, not so well. I’ve been listening to TV shows and Youtube for the past year, but I still have quite a ways to go. The acting agency told me to go home and practice reading Chinese so that I could read the scripts, lol!

How long do I plan on staying?
At least a year, but I may stay longer depending on how my career goes. In other words, if everything is going well for me in modeling/acting, I don’t see why I wouldn't stay longer!

What about my boyfriend?
This is the main reason I don’t want to go—I don’t want to leave my boyfriend. I’m going to miss him a lot.

Thankfully, my boyfriend is extremely understanding. He knows that living abroad is a part of me, something that I have dreamt about every day for the past 10 years. He knows I have to go. He also knows that if I don’t go, I’ll be complaining for the rest of my life (which he hast to listen to!)

My plan is to visit each other every 3 months. I’ll have to be quite frugal so I can save up for all those plane tickets!

How will this affect my blog?
A couple ways!
  1. Since my boyfriend is the one who takes my photos, I won’t have nice photos anymore. I’ll be back down to using selca again—or even no photos at all, since I find selca kinda boring. I plan to find a photographer eventually, but I'm not sure how long that’ll take!
  2. Until I get into the groove of life (and modeling) in Taiwan, I may be too busy to blog. I may also slowly transition into Youtube instead, since that seems more one-person-friendly. But, I’m not sure about that. One thing I am sure of, though, is that I’ll continually update my Facebook page! I treat that page as my mini blog, so I will most definitely post updates there, even if I don’t here.

If I do continue to write blogs, though, please don't expect too much in terms of eloquence. As I immerse myself in Chinese language and culture, I will probably lose some of my English ability. I won't be nearly as smooth or easy-to-read as before. I’ll do my best to curb it, though!

Thank you for reading! It’s Friday here, so I have to pack like mad! I may or may not be able to get my blogsale up by the time I leave, but I’ll think of something. Maybe I can bring it with me to Taiwan—shipping from there is much cheaper, anyways!